Case Zero

A Rapid
Data Insights Company

Is Your Data Helping You Predict Future Customer Behavior?
Case Zero is a data science team available for short term engagements. Get quick relief to current data issues your business team may be struggling with. We deliver meaningful business insights in 3 weeks with initial results within the first 48 hours.

Are you having these big data problems in your business?

  • Swimming in data but don’t know how to turn it into meaningful insights?
  • Internal data is easy. How do you map to external data sets?
  • Your data is messy and unstructured
  • Data between different teams and departments are not viewed together
  • You struggle with making strategic sense of your data

We talk business even though we’re data nerds.

Data insights mean nothing without understanding their bottomline impact. Our team understands business. We’ve worked at the highest management levels, and understand fundamental challenges common to all businesses. 

Make better business decisions backed by data

Imagine understanding your business’ data to help you plan your future strategy. Imagine uncovering value and opportunities you’re missing in your marketplace. Every business is generating large amounts of data, but not many businesses have a data scientist on their team to draw impactful bottom line insights.

Get actionable insights from your data in 3 weeks

Your engagement is set-up in 24 hours and are completed in three weeks.

1: Customer Behavior

Use big data to predict future customer behavior. Are you making data-driven decisions?

2: Marketing & Sales ROI

Determine the efficiency and impact of your diverse marketing and sales efforts on your bottom line.

3: IP Valuation

Pull together internal and external data sets that include marketing, audience views, social signals, and multi-media channels to determine the value of your IP.

4: Machine Learning Insights

Apply the power of machine learning to build your competitive advantage, and improve your balance sheet.

Of course, customized solutions are available. Schedule a call with our team.